House officer UD 41

6 months passed by as house officer at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah.

Kehidupan buat masa ini adalah at best bearable. Work start at 5 am, went back hammered and tired at 7 pm. Oncall twice a week. 28 hours per call.
Got paid rm150 per day. Rm4500/ month.

Bam bam sheke wau wau 6 months passed by but haven’t had a steady savings yet.

The steadfast and ever trusty forte putih cost me rm874/month

Contribute rm500 to both my parents

Phone bills, rent rm 400

And the rest? Where did the rest go? It’s a mystery. They disappeared to the abyss lost in the space time continuum.

Current financial demand:

1. Marriage
2. Forte putih
3. 3 storrey SP saujana terrace house.

Pic 1: graphical representation of the 1st and 2nd financial demands.


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