Kullu Nafsin Zaa Iqatul Mauttt

This particular verse of Quran kept going thru my head as I put on rubber gloves, facemask, about to start active resus.

Hes not gonna make it. He had a good run. In his 70s hes ready for it. He should be ready. He should be recited Yaseen among his sons and daughters and grandsons and granddaughters

‘Let him go peacefully’ I mumbled indistincly…….
anddd before I knew it active resus started.
**sfx rib bones cracking

Flash back to ward rounds with Dato wan in colorectal rotation.
“If u are dying,  make damn sure that you are not in hospital”
Believe me, no one wants to die this way – Dato’ Wan Khamizar consultant colorectal surgeon from Belgium.

You are half conscious. Trying all you can to catch a breath. Your past life flashes infront of your eyes.
Syaiton and all of Lucifer minions giving out their best , persuading you away from syahadah.
Your loved ones kept distant from u.
A tired looking  stranger using all of his might compressing your chest. Ribs cracking with each forceful thrust. Bloody secretions from your nose and mouth. 3 other strangers also looking very tired and shabby shoving grey orange branulla all over your limbs.

Nobody wants to die this way. Please people, dont refuse a DNR when it is offered for your loved ones. When we offered DNR it is for patients own good.

Rate of successful resuscitation for patient less than 70 years in tertiary hospital and with the CPR done properly? Take a guess.. Less than bloody 15 percent. The rate is 11 percent if you are more than 70.

76 percent of those who were actually resuscitated passed away in 72 hours.

Dont let your loved ones die with strangers by their side. Take that god forsaken DNR when we offer it to you.


Pic 1: Tired looking stranger unable to teach syahadah and performing CPR at the same time.

*** DNR do not resuscitate
**writers own take on the issue, should some one think differently writer felt sad but won’t ridicule their opinion
* writer wrote this during office hour but he had no pending work and his back painful so he had to sit down.


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