Esse mucho perfecto

(note to self : written on 12-12-2011)

Happiness, is a lot cheaper back then.
When I was 5, my daily highlight was the slaughtering of fishes
being prepared for dinner. Which is free of charge. No ipads, no angry birds etc.

And I have clear recollection of this particular liking, that is to witness and observe those big fishes my abati bought being torn apart, with the blood and the head chopping and how the internal organ gush out from the ventral midline incision my mum made.

Well u might think that I’m a messed up kid based on that story, but then I’ m a lot more messed up now than I did back then. Thanks to those 10 hours/week sessions in the dissection hall..and a handful number of autopsy sessions I attended in Manipal,Karnataka.

I’m deviating from the main topic, which isss happiness… yup euphoria we med student call it. Euphoria as in when you come to the ward in the morning with your lab coat Klu Klux Klan white, your torso and abdomen warm from neskopi o you had in kafeteria, your underwear freshly picked up from the drier machine and most important of all, your evening session today is Self (read sleep) Directed Learning..esse mucho perfecto..muahh gracias2..

And as you walk thru the horde of housemen and med officers reviewing patient in nearly sub sonic speed, one of the patient you clerk yesterday said “selamat pagi dokter..” and you replied “selamat pagi…belum dokter lagii..insyaAllah doa2..”..while u try not to smile like a complete kera (baboon).
You shake his hand..”alhamdulillahh makin sehat dah pakcik hari ni”..and you use that moment to da’wah him abit..betui pakcik..Allah bagi sakit dia bagi kita sembuh balikk..dia ampun dosa2 kita semua insyaAllahh”.

And you do your ward work, clerking, examining, but most of the time looking at case sheets..hahah..and second dose of euphoria kicks in when the impression on the case sheet is spot on with your provisional diagnosis(rarely happen once in few hundred years…hahah).

Around 10 am, the lecturer arrived..they ride the white 12 seaters mpv, most of time with a smile on their face..well sometime it is more of a grin..anddd of course when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed that day..u better hope you are not presenting..haha..

As the lecturer slowly approach you..he raise his right arm foward and mutters “Let me shed some light on you younglings and show you the path to the wiser wisdom” least thats how I hope they would say it..

anddd..alot more stuff that i would write..but havent got the time..will continue soon..and i will end this post with

“There you had it, the definition of happiness in a medical student point of view”